Sport Services & Technology (SST) provide outstanding services with the aim to reduce the workload and stress of the event organiser through these solutions & services as well as great client services and the ability to be flexible when needed.

Timing & Scoring Results Services

SST provides leading Timing & Scoring Results services for events. This is particularly true in all cycling, triathlon and any other sports that require transponder & photo finish based results. We specialise in racing level events which require 100% percision and accuracy as well as have the ability to cater for the mass participation events like Fun Runs, Gran Fondos etc.

SST also provides results services to other sports which require more scoring than timekeeping. This includes sports like Rugby Union, Rugby League etc.

SST can provide many different options for your events when it comes to results services. This includes Transponder Timing, Live Results, TV Datafeeds, GPS tracking, Graphics, Commentators Screens, Photofinish Camera, LED Boards and Lap Boards.

Event Management Services

SST has significant experience in event management and can assist you with the operations of your event or series. This can be at any level from assisting you with the management of your event to 100% running the event on your behalf.

SST can provide assistance in all aspects of the event and can come in at any level to assist with the event – right from pre-planning until execution of the event. 

While we can assist with any type of event, we have extensive experience in event management with road events and have significant knowledge with the process of these road events (Traffic Management, Police Permits, Council Approval, Event Documentation etc).

Technology Solutions Services

SST can provide different Technology Solutions to assist with the running of your organisation or event – this includes both hardware and software solutions.

SST can provide creative solutions which will help improve your event or organisation. We provide these solutions both in house and we use a number of key suppliers and partners who can also provide these solutions.

Some of the solutions we have provided already include:
Event Wifi & Networking
Website Creation and Management
Event Entry Management
Remote Printing
Custom Widgets and Applications

Consulting Services

SST can provide Consulting Services for your sports organisation to help improve your organisational processes and operations.

This includes consulting in the following areas:
– Sport/Competition Management
– Event Management Processes
– Membership Services
– Technology
– Organisational Structure & Change