About Us

Sport Services & Technology Limited (NZ) are a leading event technology & services company which provides outstanding services and solutions to all levels of events.

Sport Services & Technology (SST) was founded to create better solutions and services to events at local level events Australia and it rapidly grew to now have many international level events and customers as well as still service the local clubs and events.

Simon Gwynn

Simon Gwynn is the founder and director of Sport Services & Technology. He brings extensive experience working in the sport sector with well over a decade of experience working at the highest level. Simon has a degree in Management & Commercial Law as well as post-graduate study in Sport Management and Information Technology.

Simon has extensive experience in event management where he has worked in many major international events and games including the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as well as been race director for a number of major national events. Through his event management knowledge he has created a number of processed and minimum standards documents for a number of cycling federations which is continued to be used to this day.

Simon also has significant experience in Results Management including being responsible for the results for many major international events including World Championships, Major Games, World Tour level events and many more international & national events in many different sports and disciplines.

Simon is also a Commissaire (referee for Cycling) in a number of different cycling disciplines including Mountain Bike, Cyclo-Cross, Road & Track Cycling.

Our Staff

At SST we use a number of different contractors and casual staff depending on the requirements of the events. This includes anyone from Network Engineers, IT Specialists, Results and Event Management Specialists.

If you are interested on coming onboard as a specialise, please email simon@sport-st.com